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Every believer was created to belong to a community. It was never God’s heart for us to do this life alone.

you are always welcome here!

Empowered by God to reach others for Christ

Whether you are considering visiting Cornerstone or you have already had the chance to experience one of our worship services, the church family of Cornerstone would like to Welcome You.

What to Expect

At Cornerstone, we offer a variety of gatherings to help you connect with your faith and with others. Whether you’re drawn to the uplifting energy of our Sunday morning worship, the in-depth exploration of scripture in our midweek Bible studies, or the fun and fellowship of our youth nights, you’ll find the same thing at each: an open and welcoming community ready to embrace you like family.

Imagine opening your heart to beautiful music, uplifting your spirit, and connecting with something bigger than yourself. That’s what awaits you at our Sunday morning worship service. We weave together powerful gospel music, creating a tapestry of shared experience and joy. Nearly half the service is dedicated to these soulful melodies, allowing you to lose yourself in the moment and feel the rhythm of faith. Afterward, our pastor will deliver a message that resonates with the heart, offering guidance and reflection. But the experience doesn’t end there! Join us downstairs for refreshments and fellowship, enjoying conversation and connection with your fellow seekers. Come discover the welcoming embrace and inspiring energy of our Sunday mornings.

Want to capture some takeaways or verses that speak to you? We love that! Many choose the convenience of bringing their smartphones for quick notes or references. But don’t hesitate to bring a small notebook if you prefer the pen-to-paper experience. Our main goal is for you to feel welcome and free to engage with the message in a way that feels natural and meaningful.

Our church is all about creating a welcoming and inclusive space. That means there’s no pressure to dress a certain way. You’ll see everything from jeans and sneakers to dresses and suits, and everything in between! Simply come as you are, be yourself, and feel free to participate in worship however feels most comfortable to you.

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Sunday Mornings
10:00am (Sunday School)
11:00am (Worship Service)